🤓 Away Until Early July 👾🛸

I’ll be in a focused learning mode, and away from content creation for a while. — That means, I’ll come up with even more content when I’m back 🤘.

Hello there 👋,

You already know that I’ve recently changed jobs if you’ve been following the Zero to Hero Weekly Highlights.

As it turns out, I’ll have some ramping up to do since this new work is in a new domain of expertise. So, I decided to soley focus on Radio Access Networks and Open RAN for the next few months.

Here’s a glimpse of the stuff I’m looking at right now:

O-RAN Reference Architecture (source: O-RAN Alliance) — https://www.o-ran.org

It’s an amusing and exciting technology; however, there are a hell lot of new things to grasp. So, I’ll focus on understanding this at a high level before proceeding with my content creation efforts here.

If things go according to plan, I’m guesstimating to get back to creating content here around early July.

Until then… May the source be with you 🦄.

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