Contact 🤙

Hello friend 👋.
Here, I’ll list some of the ways you can reach me.

Join the Zero to Hero Discord Community

You can join the Zero to Hero Discord community.

I’m always there, and I continuously monitor all the chat that’s going on in there.

Superpeer Me

If you want a more dedicated one-on-one talk, you can block some consulting time with me through superpeer.

I donate a big chunk of my superpeer profits to charities like Girls Who Code.

Thank You ❤️

Thanks again, for stopping by.

May the source be with you 🦄,


  \\\,^,.,,.                    “Zero to Hero”
  ,;7~((\))`;;,,               <>
  ,(@') ;)`))\;;',    stay up to date, be curious: learn
   )  . ),((  ))\;,
  /;`,,/7),)) )) )\,,
 (& )`   (,((,((;( ))\,

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