FizzBuzz Pro High Level Design

In this video, I‘m talking about a very high level overview of FizzBuzz Pro’s API endpoints and system design.

Let’s design this thing. (generated by Midjourney)

In this quick video, we’ll overview a high-level overview of FizzBuzz Pro APIs.

Since FizzBuzz Pro is a work in progress, anything can change anytime; however we have to start designing somewhere. So, without further ado, here comes the video that explains the initial design:

FizzBuzz.Pro High-Level System Architecture

As I said in the video, I’ll create additional content in the form of articles, source code, and more videos as I continue implementing FizzBuzz Pro.

It’ll be an awesome learning journey. Stay tuned 🎵.

Resources and Additional Reading

Here are some of the concepts that we covered in the video that you might want to drill down further.

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