This is the shortest privacy policy you’ll possibly read.
I hate writing boring copyright stuff, so please don’t make me write more.

I Don’t Track No Cookies

Wondering how “Zero to Hero” fares when it comes to privacy and GDPR rules and regulations? — Good news: I do not use any tracking cookies.

Your Personal Data is Safe

If you are a subscriber, I know your name and your email that you’ve provided me. I will never share that information with anyone without your prior consent.

Also, I am determined to keep Zero to Hero ad-free: So you can be sure that nothing about you will be shared with stupid third-party ad networks.

Well, if the FEDs come and ask for it, that’s another story: I will have to provide any data that I’m legally obliged to. But for anything else, your personal data is safe with me.

May the Source be With You

Have an ad-free, safe, and wonderful Zero to Hero learning experience 🎉.

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