Unveiling My “Top of Mind” Series: AI Tools That Empower Me

There are certain ideas that don't necessarily require an entire series of articles but are still useful and could benefit others when shared. Starting with this post, I intend to share more of these thoughts. I'm going to call these posts my "Top of Mind" series.

Ideas matter. (generated by Midjourney)

From Zero to Hero is built on a blogging platform, Ghost. However, I’ve noticed I’m not utilizing this platform as much as I’d like for typical blog activities.

When creating content, I aim to produce long-form, informative articles specific to a particular topic. While this approach has its merits, I’ve started to feel that it inadvertently prevents me from sharing my spontaneous thoughts, which I now believe hold equal importance.

While I’ll continue adding items to my long-form articles and tutorial, I’ll also create these shorter nuggets. At least, I plan to experiment with the idea of making those and see how things go.

Why? Because certain ideas don’t necessarily require an entire series of articles but are still helpful and could benefit others when shared. Starting with this post, I intend to share more of these thoughts. I will call these posts my “Top of Mind” series.

My Mind Can Replace Your Mind

Today, at the top of my mind is a tool called MyMind. This platform serves as a literal extension of your mind. It is conducive to uncluttering my thoughts, reorganizing myself, and focusing on my ideas. It’s a private space where I can store everything that matters to me without the pressure of sharing or promoting – it’s “my mind” in its purest form.

From the UI of MyMind: A clear mind is a focused mind.

It’s somewhat challenging to describe, so you need to try it to understand if it fulfills your needs.

It’s the tool I would have crafted if I had the time. So I’m grateful that it exists, saving me the hassle of creating something similar.

The application has a few quirks. For example, I sometimes switch between the desktop and web versions to accomplish specific tasks. However, these are predominantly minor cosmetic issues.

I’d like to see some search and filtering options included in the app. But its lightning-fast search functionality more than compensates for the lack of advanced search options. Moreover, I appreciate that an advanced search might disrupt the app’s serene and straightforward ambiance, so I’m satisfied with its current state.

There Is an AI For That

Another noteworthy discovery I’ve made is There is an AI for that.

The website is the go-to platform to find any AI-related tool you may need. Through this platform, I’ve discovered several tools I now actively use:

  • Chatbase: I utilize Chatbase to create a personalized chatbot for myself. Chatbase helps me make decisions and answer questions more quickly because the bot knows me better than I know myself – after all, I’m the one feeding it information!
  • Fireflies: This tool analyzes audio recordings, including tech talks, to generate summaries. It’s much more efficient to ask a bot for the main points of a conversation rather than spending an hour listening to it. Fireflies has more capabilities, but its transcription and text analysis feature has already become indispensable.
  • ChatGPT: Like many others, I find this tool tremendously helpful for various tasks.
  • GitHub Copilot: My trusty pair programmer.
  • Midjourney and Nero AI: I use Midjourney to create beautiful art and Nero AI to upscale some pieces for use as wallpapers.
A Glimpse of my current Midjourney work. It’s really fun generating content there


I’ve just shared a glimpse of the tools that have transformed my work and thinking. I also introduced a concept I coined as my “Top of Mind” series.

The tools I introduced here are not just utilities but virtual extensions of my mind that help me operate more effectively. Each of these AI tools has unique capabilities, and together, they create a powerhouse of assistance for me.

Remember, what works for me might only work for some. You should explore these tools and discover which ones resonate with your needs.

I’d also love to hear about the tools that have made a difference in your life. Are there any AI solutions you can’t live without? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

So, until we meet again in the next post... May the source be with you 🦄.

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