Zero to Hero Weekly | Issue 19 — Attention, Intention: Compassion

Actively listen to people around you. If you can hear them with an open mind and willingness to learn, not only you’ll become wiser, but you’ll also become better equipped to help them.

Communication is what the listener does. (generated by Midjourney)

Welcome to the nineteenth issue of Zero to Hero Weekly.

It’s a new year and a new issue. I’m still recovering from the long break, and ideas are a bit fragmented in my mind. So I’ll leave them that way and jot down whatever comes to mind. It’s the first issue of the year after all 🙂.

Zero to Prod in Half an Hour

I started the year with a video lecture series about how you can deploy a production-ready web application in half an hour.

I have ~15 lectures. I’ve published two of them already. And I’m planning to publish 2-3 lessons every week depending on my workload.
Zero to Prod in Half an Hour

Here are the first two parts for your convenience:

FizzBuzz Pro

While, on the topic of FizzBuzz Pro, there is a lot planned for FizzBuzz Pro.

I publicly share my progress on this dashboard here too.

In the next few weeks, I want to focus on the infrastructure. Then, once the web app has a minimally-viable feature set, I’ll circle back to adding more competitive programming questions and learning resources there.

Stay tuned.

GopherCon Was Awesome 🎉

Here are the slides and an the source code of my recent GopherCon talk on Cloud Native Identity Federation.

Here is a video recording of the demo I made there too:

🤘 SPIRE Rocks 🤘

Random Thought of the Week

Here are some random thoughts. I don’t have a theme; I’m writing as it comes to mind. Yet, I’m sure you’ll find something useful out of them.

Here we go…

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