Zero to Hero Weekly | Issue 8 — Who Are You?

Being rejected by (pick your top company or college of your choice) can suck. Yet, neither rejection nor acceptance defines you: You define you.

Knowing yourself starts with being honest to yourself. (generated by Midjourney)

Welcome to the eighth issue of Zero to Hero Weekly.

I’m still focusing on creating an MVP for the FizzBuzz Pro microservice and thus there’s a lot of code, yet not as many articles.

What’s New on Zero to Hero 👩‍🍳

I’ve been working on several microservices, including the following:

  • Mailer: To send system messages
  • Store: To integrate with Stripe
  • IDM: To manage users, authentication, authorization
  • Questions: The service to serve… well… questions, answers, and related notes.

…and maybe a bunch of other services. The services are Go-based, and it’s amusing to develop. I’ll share the code with you once the code is in a “shareable” state 😃.

I’m Live Streaming the Development Process

On the flip side, I’m streaming while coding the entire app. Follow the channel, and you’ll be notified as soon as I’m online.

Radio Zero to Hero

This is something experimental that I’m trying. I’m not even sure it’s against Twitch’s rules and guidelines, but as far as my research is concerned, it’s totally fair game:

While I’m not live screencasting my development environment, I’m streaming awesome beats on the channel.

Unearthly Beats — The music is on forever!
Unearthly Beats — The music is on forever!

If you want to get in the zone while coding, designing, developing, hacking… Tune in to Radio Zero to Hero on Twitch.

As I said, it’s experimental, so I don’t know if I’ll continue it. Yet, as the time of this writing, I’ve been streaming music non-stop for the last 15 hours 🙂.

Zero to Hero Screencast VOD Collection

If you are a premium subscriber, you can access archived recordings of all Screencasts on this page.

Random Thought of the Week

If you are on social media, you have probably seen taglines like “ex-(insert company name here)”. While there’s nothing wrong with associating with one’s old company, does that define the person?

Does labeling yourself “Ex-Infinidashian” just to hold onto the sense of worth, or just to associate with being “accepted” defines your true self?—Same goes for the top-tier college that you’ve graduated from.

So what’s my advice, you may ask?

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