Zero to Hero Weekly | Issue 10 — Tough Conversations

Tough conversations are challenging for a reason. When you are stressed out, it’s easy to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Certain dialoges are hard to do, and need to be done nonetheless. (generated by Midjourney)

Welcome to the tenth issue of Zero to Hero Weekly.

Last week, it was part infrastructure, part content creation. Here’s a quick overview of what has happened.

Radio Zero to Hero is Growing 🤘

I did several optimizations for the Radio Zero to Hero stream. Here are the essential highlights.

I figured out that Wirecast already has an audio plugin that can stream the system audio. It works much better than the Shiny White Box audio capture plugin that I have. As a result, I don’t have audio quality problems anymore. I can stream music forever without restarting my machine (which was not the case before).

So yeah, overall better audio quality.

Additionally, I reduced the frame rate from 60fps to 25fps, which is still more than enough if you are just streaming live coding sessions on an IDE. I also figured out 4500Kbps for bitrate was optimal for me.

Here are my entire settings for the interested.

Zero to Hero Twitch stream settings.
Zero to Hero Twitch stream settings.

But the gist is that I now have much better video and audio quality, with a much smoother streaming experience.

Ah, also, as of now, Radio Zero to Hero has…

✨ 3565 (and increasing) tracks

✨ totaling 187 hours 22 minutes and 56 seconds of

✨ non-stop, 24/7, beyond-this-world beats 🎶.

Want to see how it looks? Come join the fun on Twitch.

It’s my primary music source when I’m coding and developing right now (sorry, Spotify, my old friend).

What’s on the Horizon 👩‍🍳

I finally finished configuring a TLS-terminated Kubernetes AWS ALB Ingress for FizzBuzz Pro (try saying that five times fast, huh? 😃)

FizzBuzz Pro Kubernetes settings.
FizzBuzz Pro Kubernetes settings.

Anyhoo, I learned a lot during the process, which means more articles and videos are on their way, so that you won’t have to suffer what I’ve suffered 🙂.

Other than that I’m working on the IDM Service, which is all about user-management things like login, logout, password reset, and all.

I have also created a video going through the high-level system design of FizzBuzz Pro; you’ll like it.

Random Thought of the Week

Feeling Stressed? You are Not Alone

Feeling stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. Let’s see how you can manage your productivity under stress.

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