Zero to Hero Weekly | Issue 2 — The Only Thing That doesn’t Change is Change Itself

This week’s random thought is “Change” and “Change Management”, which deeply resonates with me recently. In this newsletter, I’ll also share a list of tools and apps to work with images and videos.

When you find the balance in disorder, you find your way too. Or the way finds you. Either way… (generated by Midjourney)

Hey 👋,

Welcome to the second issue of Zero to Hero Weekly.

For those who are new, there has been a lot of flux recently, and things are slowly settling down. I’ve set a personal goal to create one of these newsletters every week regardless of whether there’s new content on the platform.

Let’s begin with this week’s random thought: Change, and Change Management, which is something that deeply resonates with me recently.

Random Thought of the Week

When dealing with change, what are certain obstacles you may face, and more importantly, how can you overcome them? Let’s see.

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